Even with meticulous preparation concerning weather surveillance you could still get caught in an alpine storm. There's plenty of general advice!

  • Despite the threatening thunder - DON'T PANIC! Stay cool and mediate that to the whole rope team.
  • If there is no chance to get from the ferrata, keep your cabs locked in. You should never risk a downfall. You might be affected even by the side effects and if not locked in ...
  • Observe the weather carefully and look for shelter in time. It's hazardous when a bluish shine appears on metallic objects eg. mountain peak cross or when a tingling sensation on the skin i.e.. ruffled up hair, occurs. This means you're in field of extreme voltage.
  • When in a group - look for shelter separately, don't stay together! That's not alway psychological easy, but it's essential. Pay attention to this advice as its of great importance..
  • If possible leave the steal rope and seek a safe place. By no means risk a fall.
  • Shelter is found in ...
    • a trough, a hollow way, a cave;
    • inside the forest, but not next to solitary trees;
    • on a flat field by sitting on the ground; a closed foot position is important;
    • of strickable objects, keep at least a 3 meter distance.
  • Within the limits of your possibilities - Keep away from:
    • peaks, crests, watery furrows;
    • solitary trees, small tree group, rocks;
    • edges of forest which has high trees;
    • in the vicinity of vertical wall;
    • metallic fences;
    • metallic equipment (if possible and only then separate and deposit it within a secure distance)

You can find further information on lightning dangers at Austrian Lightning Detection